Any Rochester, NY, concrete contractor can pour a basic concrete slab around your swimming pool. But, it takes the imagination, artistry, and skill to create a custom-designed, quality-installed, and beautifully crafted patio pool deck. If you're installing a new swimming pool, we will work closely with your pool contractor to ensure that the design of your concrete pool deck enhances your pool design.


Quality. Artistry. Attention to detail. This is why discerning homeowners trust their concrete swimming pool decks to Gruttadaurio Masonry. Contact us at (315) 310-7193 to set up an appointment to discuss your pool deck project.

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Gruttadaurio Masonry can turn an ordinary backyard swimming pool area into an oasis by building in elements that add richness, comfort, and a place to get away from it all. Depending on the experience you want to create for your ideal getaway, our patio experts can design your outdoor living area to create your ideal vacation destination – whether you want a space ideal for entertaining, a sporty recreation vibe, a tropical resort feel, or one that provides relaxing luxury.

Count on Gruttadaurio Masonry’s pool deck and patio contractors serving the Rochester, NY, area to create a backyard oasis that will make you feel like you're vacation is just a few steps away from your home.    





If you’re looking for a natural, eye-popping accent to outdoor swimming pool oasis, consider hiring Gruttadaurio Masonry – the premier Rochester, NY, pool deck contractor – to install a unique natural stone product. We use only the highest quality natural shaped and stackable guillotined limestone boulders. The boulders we use come in several colors to fit into your overall swimming pool area. Below are some of the ways you can use them:

  • Decorative boulder walls 

  • Landscaping and garden edging

  • Patio seating walls

  • Natural stone steps

  • Retaining walls

  • Swimming pool diving rocks
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Installing stamped concrete for swimming pool decks has become increasingly popular. Here are only a few reasons why you should consider choosing stamped concrete over pavers. 


Stamped concrete swimming pool decks are much easier to maintain since they provide a continual surface where weeds do not have a channel to pop through as with pavers. The sealer that’s applied to stamped concrete pool decks protects it from stains and damage and helps it retain its color. The process that we use to install your swimming pool deck helps prevent structural cracking.


Stamped concrete also takes about half the time to install as concrete pavers and labor costs are lower as well. Read our BLOG ARTICLE to read the full story.




If you have a 20 or even 30-year-old in-ground swimming pool that's still in pretty good shape, but your decades old concrete swimming pool deck is badly cracked and crumbling, resurfacing may be an option. In some cases, your concrete pool deck may be so worn that resurfacing will be off the table. But, if your older concrete pool deck has only minor surface cracks and its foundation has not been compromised, resurfacing, rather than replacing could be your least expensive option.

A thorough inspection by one of our concrete experts will determine whether or not your swimming pool deck is a good resurfacing candidate. CONTACT US for more information on resurfacing and concrete design options. 

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