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Indoor Stone Veneer

Updated: Mar 30


For years, stone veneers were used primarily on the exterior of homes. Today, they’re often used indoors for transforming a worn-out fireplace into a work of stone art and turning a boring wall into a unique focal point. Because stone veneer comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures, they can be used in any décor style – from contemporary to rustic, mid-century modern to traditional.

Stone veneer fireplace surround with a rustic wood mantle
Stone Veneer Fireplace Wall with Rustic Mantle

Natural Stone Veneer vs. Manufactured Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneer is made from stones that have been extracted from a quarry, a field, or other places found in nature. When you use natural stone veneers, they will look exactly like they did when they came out of the earth. The colors are not altered and no other elements are added or extracted. They are then sliced consistent layers and weights and used as veneer. They are pricier than manufactured stone and are heavier as well.

Manufactured stone veneer offer the beauty, color, texture, and organic shape as natural stone but at a lower cost than natural stone veneer. Also known as architectural stone, it’s comprised of a mix of Portland concrete and contains lightweight aggregates and iron oxides. The stones are molded, colored and baked. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes, which means you can choose a stone that coordinates withyour home décor.

Stone veneer two-sided fireplace with wood mantle
Two-Sided, Floor-to-Ceiling, Stone Veneer Fireplace

Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace Walls

If you want to make your fireplace a powerful focal point in any room, we say take it to the top–from the floor or hearth to the ceiling. It can be used to emphasize the height and/or shape of a ceiling giving your room a dramatic effect.

two-sided stone veneer fireplace with accent wall
Two-Sided Fireplace with Stone Veneer Accent Wall

Decorative Accent Walls

Stone veneer can be used to turn a mundane room into a memorable custom-designed statement when used to create a decorative stone veneer accent wall. Stone veneer can be applied to most surfaces including wood, metal, brick, cement, drywall, and more. Interior decorators and homeowners alike are opting to use stone veneer to bring attention to a prominent piece of furniture (like a bed), a unique architectural wall configuration, or to turn a ho-hum room into an inspiring environment where texture and nature take center stage. Stone veneer accent walls can be used in bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, main living areas, offices, libraries, and even small nooks of a home that are typically ignored.

rustic stone veneer fireplace surround
Rustic Stone Veneer Fireplace Surround

Fireplace Surrounds

Whether you’d like to give an outdated, worn-out brick fireplace a fresh look, or installing a new custom fireplace with drywall as a base, stone veneer is becoming more and more popular with today’s homeowners. Stone veneer can be installed right on top of worn brick, as long as the bricks are still structurally sound. Stone veneers are a great choice for fireplaces because they are heat resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.

Your Final Choice

Whether you decide to use natural stone veneer or manufactured stone veneer for your fireplace surround or feature wall will depend on your budget and your personal preference. If budget is your deciding factor, you may want to select the less expensive option of manufactured stone since it is less expensive than natural stone veneer. If aesthetics are your top priority, you cannot make a wrong decision since both are good options – as long as you’re using high quality natural or manufactured stone and craftsmanship like you get using Gruttadaurio Masonry. .

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