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Thank You. Our Customers ROCK!

Updated: May 22

Thank You card from Gruttadaurio Masonry to all of their customers
"Such professionalism, knowledge, organization, reliability, attention to detail, respectful and personable interactions, clear communication, and concern for customer satisfaction…You have it all!”

Why Not Say Thank You to the Best Customers in Town?

First, all of us at Gruttadaurio Masonry want to take time to thank all of our awesome concrete masonry customers for your amazing support. The wonderful projects we’ve been able to work on and the positive 5-STAR Reviews we’ve received mean the world to us. It’s why we do what we do.

Mark Gruttadaurio recently received an exceptional thank you letter from one of our concrete pool deck customers who took a great deal of time and effort to go into detail about their family’s experience while working with us. We’ve actually ‘shortened’ the letter a bit and added our own comments (in blue).


Hi Mark (and Cindy, Scott, Brian, and the rest of the team),

First of all, we’d like to thank you and Cindy for coming to our rescue and accommodating us in your busy schedule on such short notice. Our original mason never came through and left us having to find another one within a limited time frame. I wanted to write and tell you what a great experience it’s been working with you and your team.

concrete truck pour wet concrete into a bucket and men working

(We're on a mission to give you our best!)

From the time the crew arrived early in the morning until they packed up and departed in the late afternoon to early evening, they were consistently working. Each person was on a mission and seemed to have pre-designated duties to accomplish but was also quick to respond and lend a hand for another co-worker’s need.

(Capable leadership is just the beginning.)

Scott and Brian were fully capable leaders and conducted a finely tuned orchestra of sequential and coordinated work. The concrete delivery was even well-timed – as one mixer was emptied, another arrived in succession, until there was enough to finish the job. From watching, I quickly learned that masonry is skillful, strenuous, precise, and oftentimes dirty or wet work, but never did I hear any worker complain. And, even though I only had the opportunity to meet with you once, I could tell by your unpretentious and likable manner, the way you spoke with me, addressed your team, and provided guidance, that you are a role model for leadership to them and have most likely taught them things that go beyond masonry skills and knowledge.

concrete contractor leveling stones before pouring concrete on a pool deck and patio

(We strive to be courteous and helpful in every way.)

It was nice to have the crew members greet us with a smile when we ventured out to watch the stunning production underway. After providing some well-deserved donuts and homemade cookies for the crew, there were many thank yous and even more grateful comments the next day - what manners! As questions arose, we never felt as if it was an imposition for them and were always given knowledgeable answers in understandable layman terms.

Closeup of a concrete contractor using a brush to hand texture a wet concrete patio

(Our Office Manager gained four new titles.)

And I, by no means, want to overlook Cindy’s contributions to our project from afar. As (Title #1)Communicator-in-Chief she was both pleasant and knowledgeable to speak with, often with an enjoyable touch of off-the-cuff humor. As (Title #2) Scheduler-in-Chief, I know she must be highly organized to deal with all your suppliers and customers, given your busy schedule and working at multiple sites in a day. As (Title #3) Recordkeeper-and-Transmitter-in-Chief she is skilled in using technology and makes Speedy Gonzales and the Roadrunner look like amateurs. We were impressed by the speed in which we received our estimate, selections info, final invoice, and receipt, and the ease of submitting approval, selections, and payment. And lastly, she’s got to be (Title #4) Saint Cindy to deal with all the different people that she encounters with their various personalities and issues.

Five concrete contractors smoothing out large areas wet concrete for a patio, leveling it, and using a broom to give it texture

(But wait…there’s more!)

In addition to what we experienced on the phone and in the field with your managers and team, there are 2 other noteworthy instances that have impressed us:

First, we went online to check out Gruttadaurio’s website and get the phone number, and were quite impressed by the presentation and the quality and scope of work that was shown. We told you our situation and were told that you could rearrange your schedule and help us out and would get together an estimate for us, which we received that very same day! Wow! Beautiful work + high standards + kind consideration of our situation + prompt and reliable correspondence + a fair price…We were ELATED and accepted your estimate the next day!

A completed wet concrete pool deck and patio with a concrete contractor in the pool finishing the concrete pool coping

(What do our employees think about working here?)

The second instance was when Noah took a rare breather from his work and I asked how he came about working for you in the concrete business. He told me that he was actually working for another concrete contractor, who was quite disorganized and he wasn’t really being happy there, so he came to check out Gruttadaurio’s. And, after seeing the obvious organization of your operation, all the coordination, and respectful and positive interactions between everyone who worked there, he knew your company was the place for him. To have an employee speak so highly of you, your company, and team is the most meaningful praise and recognition that any employer could hope to receive!

If you and the crew happen to be working in our area on a hot day next year, there will be a refreshing pool with a beautiful deck available for a dip and maybe even a little impromptu thank-you bar-b-que!

With MUCH appreciation to you and your team,

Fran and Breana Copp



For those concrete patios, concrete pool decks, and other outdoor living project customers that keep coming back to us year after year, we truly appreciate your loyalty. And, to our new customers, we want to thank you for your willingness to trust our experienced concrete masons to come to your home or business to complete projects. If you have had a great experience working with Gruttadaurio Masonry, please show us photos of the finished project so that we can place them on our website's Photo Gallery and leave us a review on Google. We’d truly appreciate it.


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