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Concrete Patios and Pool Decks for Grown Up Parties

If you enjoy entertaining during the summer months and are contemplating an upgrade to your concrete patio or pool deck area, consider incorporating elements in the design that will make grown up parties more enjoyable for you and your guests. This article offers suggestions for improving the design of your concrete patio or pool deck area in a way that sets you up for successful entertaining. We've also included helpful party ideas (even though you may already have that covered).

People in a pool toasting with champagne
Throughout this article, read PARTY IDEAS for entertaining.

Is Your Concrete Patio Party Ready?

Patio that looks like wood planks but is stamped concrete
If you love the look of rustic wood, but don't like splinters or ongoing staining or painting, consider a low-maintenance, stamped concrete patio that looks like wood.

If you're looking for a stylish outdoor space where you can entertain family and friends, stamped concrete is a great option. Why?

Another reason to consider a stamped concrete patio is that you can choose colors and textures that complements the style of your home and landscaping. When selecting color and texture options, consider the colors of your home's exterior and your patio furniture and accessories.

Stone patio structure with a bar and seating area
A built-in bar area helps you entertain in style, whether it's free standing or structurally part of your home.

Party Space Ideas: If you love to entertain, consider creating adding a patio bar. Having a structure that covers your bar area is a great way for those who aren’t sun worshipers to get out of the heat and cool down over a tropical drink and friendly conversation. This can be achieved in many ways such as installing a temporary canopy, building a pergola, or creating a structure that totally covers your entertaining space. For the ultimate patio entertaining area, add an outdoor kitchen. We build those also!

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Inground swimming pool with a stamped concrete pool deck.

Concrete pool decks are no longer just about offering safety from slippery wet surfaces around your pool. Give your guests a great excuse to look down as they walk onto your pool deck to party with stylish stamped concrete. Trendsetters are choosing to create stunning pool decks and patio areas using stamped concrete masonry techniques. Stamped concrete is at the height of its popularity – not just because of its durability, practicality and ease of maintenance, but also because of the many beautiful patterns, textures, and materials it can resemble for a lot less cost than using actual stone, wood, brick, or concrete pavers.

Textured Concrete Pool Decks

hand-textured concrete swimming pool deck and in-ground pool

Broom Finish, Sponge Finish, and Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patios

Hand-crafted concrete surfaces never go out of style. They offer traction and if done with artistic skill, the end result is a beautiful, slip resistant, cost-effective option—especially for pool decks. Read more about our hand-finished textures surfaces by visiting our website.

People toasting with tropical drinks around a dinner table
Create a fun party theme and dance all day and night!

Party Ideas: No pool party is complete without lively music and even a little dancing. If your party has a theme, such as a Mexican Fiesta, play music to make your guests want to salsa all night and put that concrete pool deck to good use! If your party has a tropical theme, you can always count on island steel drum music, which will make everyone feel like they’re partying somewhere in the Caribbean.

Two hands with cocktails by a pool for a pool deck masonry article
No need to have a fully-stocked bar. One or two specialty cocktails, plus other beverage basics is all you need.

When hosting your pool party, don’t feel like it’s necessary to have a fully stocked bar. Keep things simple by creating a unique signature party cocktail with a fun, thematic name. Or, make some traditional island favorites: a pitcher of Sangria made with tropical fruits, Rum Punch, fresh fruit Margaritas, spiked lemonade/iced tea, or Hurricanes. Don’t forget to serve plenty of non-alcoholic hydrating drinks. Of course, you can’t go wrong also serving a pitcher of lemon water, soft drinks, beer, and wine.

Magical Water Features and Decor

The sound of water outside while you're in the yard, on the patio, or poolside helps everyone chill out and relax. If you're thinking of adding a permanent water feature to your pool area, there are many ways to do so. Stone boulders can be made to incorporate a water feature–either as a stand-alone rock or a boulder wall complete with a waterfall.

Pool deck with candles floating in the pool
Add some magic to your evening pool party with floating candles or lanterns.

Party Ideas: If you want to transport your guests from a backyard pool party into more of a resort experience, adding floating water decor will make it hard for your guests to want to leave. Encourage your guests to get into the pool and mingle by adding floating food and drink trays. If the party goes on into the evening, floating candles will offer a

more relaxing vibe to the party. For a more whimsical and fun pool party atmosphere, add inflatable pool toys, colorful pool noodles, inflatable beach balls, colorful balloons, and even rubber duckies. Pool games requiring a ball and a target (like water basketball) will draw your competitive guests into the action fast. And if your pool has a slide, you won’t need many extra pool paraphernalia to get your guests splashing.

A Chef's Outdoor Kitchen Dream

Outdoor kitchen with stone veneer masonry
Gruttadaurio Masonry can design and install a complete outdoor kitchen, made to your exact specifications.

If your budget and yard space allows, building a custom outdoor kitchen into your outdoor living space will make entertaining easy and enjoyable. Guests can interact with the chef who is usually isolated inside in the kitchen. It also eliminates those annoying multiple trips in and out of the house.

A pool deck with taco bar
Keep pool party food light and fresh so that guests won't feel weighed down for swimming.

Party Ideas: When hosting a backyard party, think about serving easy-to-eat finger foods as appetizers so that eating utensils are not required. Fresh cut fruits and veggies with dips, assorted cheese and crackers, and mini cold-cut sandwiches are easy to prepare and are traditional crowd pleasers. When serving dinner food, consider setting up various ‘stations’ around the patio or pool deck instead of having all of your food on one long buffet table. This will avoid guests having to wait in line to get to the food. Some ideas for what to serve as main courses that are hearty enough without being heavy include: grilled fish or shrimp, chicken and meat on skewers, or a self-serve taco bar. Avoid heavy entrees and keep food light to keep your guests from wanting to take a nap, rather than splash in the pool.

Conversation and Gathering Areas

stamped concrete patio with seating
Having an inviting gathering space in your patio or pool deck area is perfect for comfortable conversation.

An outdoor party or event requires ample lounge space and seating. Thinking ahead when designing your patio and pool deck can make your backyard a warm weather place where everyone wants to be. Adding a pergola in your patio, putting up a temporary tent just for your party, and adding additional outdoor chairs to accommodate more guests will help make your patio or pool deck the neighborhood entertainment destination. Arrange outdoor furniture in small groups of three or four, spaced so that guests can easily move throughout the party and interact with each other. You might also want to consider adding permanent patio or pool deck seating with natural stone boulders.

As evening rolls around and temperatures cool, having a fire pit or outdoor fireplace surrounded by comfortable seating keeps the party going well into the night. Whether you and your guests gather around a sunken fire pit and lounging area, or cozying up to roaring flames of an outdoor fireplace, nothing adds nighttime magic like a fire feature on a cool summer night.

food being grilled in an outdoor fire
A fun party idea is to have easy, throw-it-right-in-the-fire food to satisfy your guests' appetite for grilled...anything!

Party Ideas: Sometimes all you need is a stick and marshmallow to keep guests happy. But, why not elevate your fireside fun? Try making campfire favorites using recipes that call for cooking your entrée or desert in foil or in a grilling pot and placing them right on the hot embers. Some classic dishes include corn-on-the-cob, chicken or fish bundled with vegetables in foil, potato slices covered in melted cheese, diced sausage and potatoes with onions and peppers, campfire peach cobbler, and many more.

Pool deck with a pot of tiki torches
Add a touch of the tropics to your pool deck area with tiki torches. If you don't have a lot of ground for them, place them in pots scattered around your pool and lounge areas.

Party Ideas: In the event that your pool party lingers into the evening hours, be sure to plan on lighting the main gathering areas – either with electric string lights draped over your conversations areas, or votive candles and lanterns flickering in every corner of your pool deck and yard.

Tiki torches that offer dramatic lighting and a tropical jungle atmosphere give a tribal feel to your pool area. These lighting options offer more of a friendly atmosphere, than using harsh floodlights. Be sure to add small food stations to your various seating areas and bug-repelling products as the sun sets.

Living Party Decor

You can design your pool deck area by incorporating landscaping elements interwoven throughout your outdoor living space. Or, consider having planter boxes built into retaining or sitting walls. You also may want to consider incorporating stone sitting walls and piers into your pool deck design, which are great areas for placing ferns, tropical plants, and lighting features.

Stamped concrete patio and pool deck with a flowering plant on it
Buy special potted plants for your pool party. Or to save money, just bring your indoor plants outside for the event.


Stamped concrete patio and pool deck design and installation are best left to professional masonry contractors like those at Gruttadaurio Masonry, serving Rochester, NY, masonry customers, as well as those in Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario counties. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. Call (315) 310-7193.

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