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Patio with stone masonry sitting wall, patio furniture and landscaping
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Mark’s team has done 2 projects for me, both at our home and cottage. Both jobs are of excellent quality, with attention to all the details. Mark is accessible on every job to be sure his highly skilled team meets his quality standards. Highly recommend!!

Doug Wahl

Project: Stamped Concrete,

Custom Masonry Projects

Front entryway patio made of stamped concrete., dog and patio set
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"I needed to replace a small broken down front steps and I wanted a front porch large enough to accommodate a small table and chairs and to make a clean, stylish statement. Mark and his team were professional, courteous, and true artisans. I always get compliments from anyone who visits my home."

G. Kreitzberg

Stamped Concrete Porch

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Swimming pool with steps and stamped concrete pool deck

"We had the Gruttadaurio team out to review our pool coping that had some significant issues following a recent installation. We were hopeful they could fix this issue, but expected to hear that they were too busy or just didn't want to take on the problem. To our delight, told us they believed they could correct the problem.

The Gruttadaurio team removed the coping pavers and the soldier course, cleaned up the mortar, set in place a system (for a cantilevered edge) that would accept the concrete, and then stamped and colored to resemble a stone face texture – all without disturbing the pool.

Professional—pleasant—neat—meticulous, and detail-oriented are the words that come to mind with this team. They maintained an immaculate work site and respected our property.

Mark, Cindy, Scott, Brian, Ryan, Jeff, Sterling, and Paul--this is what a homeowner hopes for when calling on companies to complete projects. You guys have won repeat business from us, and we will spread the good word of your team of professionals.

The finished product is beautiful!!! Thank you, guys! You have put the finishing touch on our pool and patio and we are delighted!"

Anita Roberts

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

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(Note: This testimonial has be shortened just a bit.)


Hi Mark (and Cindy, Scott, Brian, and the rest of the team),


First of all, we’d like to thank you and Cindy for coming to our rescue and accommodating us in your busy schedule on such short notice.  Our original mason never came through and left us having to find another one within a limited time frame. I wanted to write and tell you what a great experience it’s been working with you and your team. Such professionalism, knowledge, organization, reliability, attention to detail, respectful and personable interactions, clear communication, and concern for customer satisfaction!  You have it all!


During the planning meeting that we had with Scott (at Gruttadaurio Masonry), he gave us his full attention as I asked my list of questions and provided thorough answers that easily revealed his vast knowledge and experience.  From the time the crew arrived early in the morning until they packed up and departed in the late afternoon to early evening, they were consistently working.  Each person was on a mission and seemed to have pre-designated duties to accomplish but was also quick to respond and lend a hand for another co-worker’s need.  


Scott and Brian were fully capable leaders and conducted a finely tuned orchestra of sequential and coordinated work. As the concrete was being dumped, I was captivated watching the army of workers spreading and floating it out to perfection. The concrete delivery was even well-timed – as one mixer was emptied, another arrived in succession, until there was enough to finish the job.  Scott, in his fashionable rubber overalls, got the honor of going into the yucky, cold pool water to meticulously line up the broom at the pool edge for another guy (sorry, I don’t know his name) to slowly pull back, rinse and shake it off, then push it back again precisely over the same area, over and over again around the entire pool.  I commented about how long the handle was and was told that it was only 16 feet and that they have used 32 feet long ones on some other jobs! (And to think I originally thought you just took a regular old broom and brushed it back and forth!)  


I even thought it was cool watching Scott’s daughter, the day before, tie together hundreds of the fiberglass rebar intersections with a handy little tool that spun the wire and made quick work of that tedious job.  On the last day, after Brian helped him to snap exact chalk lines, I watched Noah carefully maneuver the cutting blade machine to make the expansion joints in the concrete while clouds of dust floated away in the breeze.  You’ll have to ask him about helping the chalk line to take a refreshing dip in the pool!.  It was nice to see that some lighthearted, good-natured ribbing from Brian effectively replaced any humiliating scolding that could have easily happened and made an uncomfortable work environment – Kudos to Brian!  After cutting, Noah got a chance to “rinse off” any dust on himself with all the overspray he caught while power washing the pool edges.  There were times I thought he was going to fall into the pool by how far he needed to lean over to get under the coping edge and to make sure all the concrete drips were completely gone on the fiberglass pool.  From watching, I quickly learned that masonry is skillful, strenuous, precise, and oftentimes dirty or wet work, but never did I hear any worker complain.  


It was nice to have the crew members greet us with a smile when we ventured out to watch the stunning production underway.  After providing some well-deserved donuts and homemade cookies for the crew, there were many thank yous and even more grateful comments the next day - what manners!  As questions arose, we never felt as if it was an imposition for them and were always given knowledgeable answers in understandable layman terms.   When I asked Brian about getting rid of 2 large blobs of concrete that were inadvertently left behind the day before, he said that there might not be enough room in the van to take them away, but he would be happy to break them up so that they could be easily buried beneath the extra soil that we would be getting from our landscaper, which he and Noah did.  


And I, by no means, want to overlook Cindy’s (Gruttadaurio Masonry's Office Manager) contributions to our project from afar. As Communicator-in-Chief she was both pleasant and knowledgeable to speak with, often with an enjoyable touch of off-the-cuff humor.  If she said that she would get back to us or pass along a message to you or Scott, we soon found out that was trustworthy and reliable.  As Scheduler-in-Chief, I know she must be highly organized to deal with all your suppliers and customers, given your busy schedule and working at multiple sites in a day.  When we were dealing with our rain delays, she aptly explained the whole process of coordinating with Hansen and when would be the best time for her to check the weather report and make the call whether to proceed or not, which helped to quell our uncertainty and concern.  As Recordkeeper-and-Transmitter-in-Chief she is skilled in using technology and makes Speedy Gonzales and the Roadrunner look like amateurs.  We were impressed by the speed in which we received our estimate, selections info, final invoice, and receipt, and the ease of submitting approval, selections, and payment – and all done electronically.  Using your technology made it so easy on our end to respond and also store the documents on our computers.  You are the first company that we’ve dealt with who has done this – Thank you from backwards Po-Dunk Burdett, NY!  And lastly, she’s got to be Saint Cindy, to deal with all the different people that she encounters with their various personalities and issues, and is most likely talented in getting to the point or setting someone straight, when need be. Too often, office managers are underrated for the tremendously important job they do and the many hats they need to wear.  So, please tell Cindy that we greatly appreciated everything she did for us to see our project through!  And please feel free to share this note with the rest of your team, if you would like. 


In addition, to what we experienced on the phone and in the field with your managers and team, there are 2 other noteworthy instances that have impressed us: 


1) When we needed a mason right away, Cindy told Breana that she thought that she could rearrange the schedule and help us out and would get together an estimate for us, which we received that very same day!  Wow!  Beautiful work + high standards + kind consideration of our situation + willing to make the 1.5 hour drive to help us + prompt and reliable correspondence + a fair price…We were ELATED and accepted your estimate the next day!


2) The second instance just happened the other day as Brian and Noah were here putting the finishing touches on our deck.  When Noah took a rare breather from his work, I asked how he came about working for you in the concrete business. He told me that he was actually working for another concrete contractor, who was quite disorganized and he wasn’t really being happy there, so he came to check out Gruttadaurio’s. And, after seeing the obvious organization of your operation, all the coordination, and respectful and positive interactions between everyone who worked there, he knew your company was the place for him. To have an employee speak so highly of you, your company,and team, and to be an inspiration for his future is the most meaningful praise and recognition that any employer could hope to receive!


You clearly know that effective leadership, a congenial work environment, and showing appreciation for your employees’ hard work creates a dedicated team of workers who feel valued and therefore aim to please – and they certainly do. As a customer, but also a retired teacher of 40 years, I found it nice to know that the quality workmanship, work ethics, and camaraderie that I saw and experienced on our job site are, according to Noah, also the same high expectations that are projected and nurtured at your business location. I saw your consideration and appreciation in action as you provided overnight accommodations for them so they wouldn’t have to get up even earlier to make the 1.5 hour drive to our location and then on top of that, treated them to donuts and coffee on their first day here. As Breana was talking with Cindy on the phone about the possibility of having to reschedule our concrete pour for the third time, in case the rain gods decided not to cooperate again, you made us chuckle as we witnessed that congenial environment when we heard you (Mark) in the background proclaiming us the award winner for having the longest concrete pour delay.  And, even though I only had the opportunity to meet with you once, I could tell by your unpretentious and likable manner, the way you spoke with me, addressed your team, and provided guidance, that you are a role model for leadership to them and have most likely taught them things that go beyond masonry skills and knowledge. 


How lucky we were to have discovered you and would happily give the highest recommendation for Gruttadaurio Masonry.  I only wish that you were located closer to us for the rest of our concrete work in the future.  


Also, if you’re ever inclined to become a mentor for another businessman, to show him how proper planning and organization, timely and reliable communication, professional leadership and interactions, attention to details, and high standards are developed and maintained, I know of a guy who has a pool company about an hour west from you who could greatly benefit from your expertise… just saying… 😉


If you and the crew happen to be working in our area on a hot day next year, there will be a refreshing pool with a beautiful deck available for a dip at 4770 State Route 79… and maybe even a little impromptu thank-you bar-b-que!  And be sure to call Cindy on your way so she can escape the office and kick back for a while.

Fran and Breana Copp

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

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