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Stamped Concrete Selection and Design Process is FUN

If you're looking for a quality masonry contractor in Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas, turn to the masons and stamped concrete experts at Gruttadaurio Masonry. We've got the the most popular stamped concrete patterns, base colors, and antiquing accent colors to add interest and depth to your concrete patio, driveway, courtyard, walkway, swimming pool deck, or entryway. Advances in concrete and stamps make it possible for us to create the look of slate, wood, a variety of stones, brick, and more. We can also create stamped concrete medallions for a stunning focal point of your concrete project. And because we offer a wide variety of stamped concrete patterns, textures, base colors, and antiquing accent colors, Gruttadaurio Masonry is the perfect choice for those who want a customized, high-quality, stamped concrete solutions.


Follow These 3 Steps

Stamped concrete, (or decorative concrete), has come such a long way, especially when you see all of the patterns and textures we offer. From faux wood and stone stamped concrete finishes, to a variety of textures that give your patio, walkway, porch, driveway, or pool area a high-end look. Our masons take pride in infusing artistry with every stamped concrete project.

Choose one of our stunning cement base colors for your stamped concrete project which can be used alone or with an accent color. We can match any decor or outdoor living color theme. Ask one of our stamped concrete masons which combinations of base colors and accent colors work well together and we'll work together to find the perfect solution for your project.

Once you've chosen your stamped concrete pattern and base color, you can choose to have an antiquing – or accent color – applied. We can achieve a variety of custom stamped concrete looks by starting with a base color and layering an accent color on top to enhance the textures and patterns of your stamped concrete design and add more interest.

Weathered Terra Cotta Stamped Concrete color chip

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