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in Rochester, NY

When you hire Gruttadaurio Masonry to design and install a new stamped concrete pool deck to your Rochester, NY, area home, you’ll be adding value to your property and improving your outdoor living experience. Our concrete swimming pool deck experts will create an attractive, durable, and easy to maintain surface where memories will be made for many years. Your concrete pool deck will be customized to match your home’s color, style, and landscaping.


The process that we use to install your pool deck helps prevent structural cracking. We work with residential customers directly, but we also closely with in-ground swimming pool contractors. You can choose to surround the edge of your pool with coping that will act as a picture frame around your pool, or create a more modern 'coping-free' pool deck. 

To see closeup photos of the full-range of various concrete surfaces we have created for others, click here.

Stamped concrete pool deck with inground swimming pool and fencing
Texturized concrete pool deck with in-ground swimming pool and spa



in Rochester, NY

Any Rochester, NY, concrete contractor can pour a basic concrete slab around your in-ground swimming pool. But, it takes skill and artistry to create a beautifully crafted textured pool deck surface. 


Broom Finish – Traditional broom finished concrete is a timeless, practical, and the most cost-effective concrete resurfacing option. The method is in the name. We'll use a wooden broom to drag the bristles across the surface of the concrete, while it's still wet.

Exposed Aggregate – This type of concrete finish is achieved when the surface of the concrete is gently partially washed away while it's still wet. This exposes the aggregate that is inherent in concrete. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional broom finish or an exposed aggregate concrete surface, your textured concrete pool deck will provide the traction and grip you need for wet conditions. 


Why use concrete coping?

Reinforced poured concrete coping can add an extra level of durability both to your swimming pool and pool deck area, as opposed to using paver and tile which tend to come apart over time and can be more susceptible to cracking. 

Concrete Coping Styles

You can choose a concrete coping style that will match your pool deck's look, or select a contrasting style and color to provide a more dramatic visual look that will highlight the pool's shape. It can have a modern squared edge, or a rounded 'bullnose' edge. The surface can be texturized or stamped in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors.

STAMPED concrete patio and pool deck with fence


Gruttadaurio Masonry can turn an ordinary backyard swimming pool deck into an oasis by building in elements that add richness and comfort – a place to get away from it all. Whatever atmosphere you want to create for your ideal backyard getaway, our concrete patio experts can design your swimming pool deck of your dreams. Whether you want an ideal entertaining space, a sporty recreation place, a tropical oasis, or a place where you can relax in luxury, we can create it.

Count on Gruttadaurio Masonry’s concreate swimming pool deck contractors in Rochester, NY to create the backyard oasis you envision.  


in Rochester, NY

If you have a 20 or even 30-year-old in-ground swimming pool that's still in pretty good shape, but your decades old concrete is badly cracked and crumbling, concrete resurfacing by CONCRETE DOC+ (a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry) can make your pool area look like new again. In some cases, your concrete pool deck may be so worn that concrete resurfacing will be off the table. But, if your older concrete has only minor surface cracks and its foundation has not been compromised, resurfacing, rather than replacing could be your least expensive option.

A thorough inspection by one of our concrete experts will determine whether or not your swimming pool deck is a good resurfacing candidate. Visit the

CONCRETE DOC+ website for more information on resurfacing and concrete design options. 

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Vintage inground swimming pool with resurfaced textured concrete pool deck.
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