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Stamped concrete patio with boulder hardscape and patio furniture.


If you live in the Rochester, NY, area and your ideal patio includes a natural design approach, consider adding natural stone patio boulder hardscaping. Stone boulders are a very versatile landscaping element. If you are adding them to a patio entertaining space, like a fire pit area, boulders can also double as a seating rocks. They can be used as retaining walls that are both practical and beautiful. Steps and stairs can take on a dramatic but natural look when stone boulders are included. There are even 3-4 foot long, and around 1 foot wide boulders that are used for edging in flower beds and driveways. Their flat edges make them easy to stack for a variety of applications in your concrete patio.



Consider adding natural beauty to your patio or outdoor living area with stone boulders. Natural boulders are not only attractive, but they will last for generations to come. Boulders come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes—from flat to rectangular and 100 to 1,000 lbs.

You can count on Gruttadaurio Masonry to have the experience and extensive selection of quality natural stone boulders to meet your specifications.



Using natural stones in stairways and steps has been around for hundreds of years. There are not many landscape applications that are not only useful, but also as charming as natural stone steps. We use the best materials ensuring your stone steps will be safe and durable for many years. Sometimes stone steps naturally occur in the wilderness, but if you are not lucky enough to have them on your property, having the Rochester, NY, hardscaping professionals at Gruttadaurio Masonry design and install them is the next best thing.


Natural boulders offer an impressive design element to your swimming pool deck area—whether you need a few impressive boulders for a specific area, or an entire boulder retaining wall. There are many ways that boulders can be used like building a rock wall with a water feature, to surround a pond, or positioned as a diving rock (as in this photo).

The location and placement of boulders require planning and vision. The designers at Gruttadaurio Masonry can guide you in the design and installation so that your stone feature will look like it was placed there by Mother Nature herself!

Natural stone boulder retaining wall on a slope with flowers and a fence with a house.



 Patio retaining walls can help you hold earth back in sloped areas, make your backyard patio more functional, and add style and elegance. They can prevent soil erosion and provide structure to your patio and backyard landscaping. They can be built out of concrete, natural stone, brick, concrete with a stone veneer, or stone boulders.

If you're looking for a patio contractor who has years of experience building sturdy and attractive retaining walls that last, give us a call at 315-310-7193.

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