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Why Old Concrete Resurfacing Can Save You Money!

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Before and after photo of damaged concrete.

Old Concrete? Resurfacing Saves Money

During a stressful economic climate, people are looking to save money wherever they can. Spring is just around the corner and that’s when homeowners take stock of what winter has done to their outdoor concrete areas. Concrete patios, concrete pool decks, driveways, patio walkways, and entryways generally sustain annual damage from caused from ice, snow and freeze-thaw cycles. With harsh winters – like those in the Rochester, NY area – concrete tends to lose its beauty and appeal, what can you do about it? You can either live with it, replace it, or resurface old concrete with the help of an experienced concrete contractor! Stamped concrete Resurfacing by CONCRETE DOC+, a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry, can make your old worn concrete appear like new.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a total tear-out and replacement, and the concrete is still structurally sound, it is likely an ideal candidate for a Concrete Resurfacing project. The bottom line is, if you’re looking to save money, resurfacing your concrete patio, swimming pool deck, entryway, or walkway can cost significantly less than excavating an existing slab, re-pouring it, and adding a decorative stamped concrete surface.

Vintage pool and concrete deck.

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete Resurfacing uses your existing concrete as its base. Nothing is broken down and disposed of. Instead, new concrete material is laid over the existing surface, which then binds to it, becoming a new surface. You can choose to give it a decorative surface using a stamping process that can mimic a variety of materials. First, choose a stamp pattern, then a concrete base color, and an optional accent color to give your surface depth and interest. The stamped concrete is then sealed to protect it.

Why Choose Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete Resurfacing is a cost-effective way to bring your old, worn, concrete look brand new! It’s the perfect way to breathe new life into your outdoor living spaces without opting for the more expensive option of doing a total concrete tear-out and replacing them. Here’s a few more reasons why:

Increased Value

Since Concrete Resurfacing can replace old, unsightly concrete and can be stamped and customized to resemble a wide variety of natural and manmade materials, they can make your home more beautiful – and a more attractive home increases your property value.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

When you opt for Stamped Concrete Resurfacing instead of a total replacement of your old concrete, you’re making the environmentally friendly choice by repurposing what you already have, as well as saving money by not doing a total replacement. And since concrete lasts a long time, this means you won’t need to replace or rejuvenate it often, which also makes overlays good for your bank account.

Four square examples of stamped concrete patterns.


Resurfacing with stamped concrete for patios and outdoor living spaces has grown in popularity for many reasons. Stamped concrete has the look of real stone, wood planks, bricks, and also offers natural stone textures. You can also choose from a variety of base colors and accent colors that you could coordinate to match your house colors or outside home décor.

Reduced Maintenance

Concrete is a very durable material, will last a long time, and can withstand a lot of foot traffic and outdoor furniture use. In addition to the natural longevity of concrete, concrete overlays are sealed, which also makes them more resistant to any spills, potential stains, or scuffing. Together, this reduces how much maintenance resurfaced concrete needs. Resealing every few years to protect it is recommended.

Stamped concrete patio being sealed with a roller.

Home Buyers will Appreciate the Fresh Look

As a bonus, if you decide to sell your home, prospective homebuyers usually take notice of clean, fresh, and crack-free concrete surfaces. A pristine patio or other concrete surface can have a positive effect on home purchasing decisions.

You Save Time, Not Just Money

Deciding to resurface your concrete instead of tearing it out and starting over from scratch will save you time since resurfacing is a quicker process. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space much sooner.

Is Your Concrete a Good Candidate for Concrete Resurfacing?

Stamped concrete overlays are the perfect solution for concrete that has minor surface damage like superficial cracks, flaking, spauling, and imperfections like discoloration. As long as there are no deep cracks or structural issues in your existing concrete, it’s probably a good candidate for resurfacing. Your concrete will need to be evaluated to find out if resurfacing is a viable option. If not, you’ll want to consider having totally new concrete installed.

Concrete Doc logo.

Get in touch with CONCRETE DOC+ (a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry) today and we’ll help you determine the best way to give your concrete patio or pool deck an upgrade with resurfacing. Contact us through our CONTACT form or give us a call at (315) 310-7193.

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