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Pool Safety Tips & Concrete Pool Decks

Updated: May 22

Two kids in a swimming pool under water waving,


Here are some safety tips that could save lives, especially in a household with small children. Maybe you know these safety tips already, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded.

1. Keep Close to Little Ones When in the Pool – Although this may seem like a no-brainer, it only takes a few seconds for a child to fall in and drown. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children who are ages 1-4 are at the greatest risk of drowning – usually from having slipped into the pool without anyone noticing. Even older kids who already know how to swim, should not be left alone in the water without a responsible adult either in the pool with them, or very close by. Adults who are present at the pool should have their undivided attention on the kids, which means putting your cell phone texting aside for a time when the kids are not in the pool area.

4Ft. No Diving Sign next to an in-ground pool edge.

2. Talk to Your Family About Pool Safety Rules – It’s important to establish pool safety rules before pool season gets into full swing. Make sure everyone remembers the rules, and don’t be shy about asking them every so often to repeat them to you – especially if they have invited a guest to your pool for a swim. Swimming lessons are also a good idea so that your children have the strength and skills to protect themselves in the water. Here are a few examples of some basic rules, which you can always add to:

  • A grownup must always be present in the swimming pool.

  • No running around the pool area.

  • If coming in or out of the fenced-in pool area, always remember to close the gate.

  • Inexperienced swimmers should wear a life vest.

  • No diving to prevent serious injuries.

5 Kids in the water with floats jumping and waving their arms.

3. Never Allow Anyone to Swim Alone – Not only is there 'fun' in numbers, but there's a safety factor, as well. That goes for adults, too. Anyone can have a dangerous accident swimming no matter their age, so it’s a good idea to swim with a partner to stay safe.

4. Keep Your Concrete Pool Deck Clean & Free of Debris – When leaves and other debris are left on your pool deck and become wet, the chances of someone slipping on them increases. Sweep or hose off any debris on your concrete pool deck before swimming and keep up the maintenance.

5. Install and Maintain a Proper Fence – Many towns have specific fence requirements for the type of fence you’ll need in place and those rules should always be adhered to. Installing a proper fence that’s at least 4’ tall and has a gate that has a lock should a top priority.

Round pool float life saver on wooden deck next to an in-ground pool.

6. Keep Life-Saving Equipment on Hand – You should always have life-saving swimming rings, and a life hook or a long pole for reaching into your pool on hand. Make sure that everyone–including a babysitter–know where these tools are kept.

7. Clean and Maintain Your Pool Regularly – To keep bacteria and microorganisms out of your pool with proper pool chemicals and regular cleaning is another facet of pool safety. Have your pool cleaned regularly by a pool professional, or clean your pool with a robotic pool cleaner.

Pool chemical testing kit on the side of a pool.

8. Limit Alcohol Around the Pool Area – Drinking alcohol can affect balance, coordination, and judgment. According to the CDC, drinking was a factor in half the swimming pool drowning deaths of teenagers and adults.

9. Life-saving Courses are Available – There are a number of life-saving techniques that will help save a life that members of your household can learn. It’s a good idea to have everyone in the house take first aid and CPR courses.

10. Use a Swimming Pool Cover or AlarmWhen you are not using your pool, consider using a pool cover – especially if you live with a toddler or small children. There are a wide variety of pool covers for every budget. You can also purchase an alarm that gets triggered when the gate to the pool is open, if there are changes in the water, or bracelets you can have your child wear that can detect he/she gets wet. Any of these safety tools will help keep your family safe from dangerous pool events when you’re not poolside.

Removable pool ladder inserted into an above-ground pool.

11. Remove Ladders & Pool Toys When Your Pool is Not in Use – Remove all ladders leading to your pool or a pool deck area. Remove and put away any accessories, flotation devices, or pool toys that might tempt a small child might a to reach for.

12. Include Pets in Your Pool Safety Practices – People are not the only ones that can be in danger around a pool. Not all animals are natural swimmers, so you’ll need to protect your pet from drowning with the same methods that you would use to protect the little ones in your family. A pool cover and/or an alarm in the pool area can protect your pet from drowning if they fall in by accident.

Small dog with a life vest and sunglasses sitting on the deck next to a swimming pool.


Concrete swimming pool decks in Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas are the preferred material of choice due to its durability to withstand our changing seasons. Concrete pool decks are also water resistance, and if finished properly, can allow swimmers safe footing due to its traction and texture. Our concrete masons can also add a slip-resistant coating or sealant, which will improve traction. These coatings are designed to absorb and repel water before it has time to act as a lubricant between your feet and the concrete pool deck.

Concrete swimming pool decks should have one of these types of finishes:

Although the type of surface your concrete pool deck has is extremely important, it’s only a small part of swimming pool safety. We hope that all of our safety tips will contribute to your safe poolside fun.


By following these tips, you can help prevent accidents in and around your swimming pool. This means everyone can have more fun with a little peace-of-mind knowing that you’ve taken responsibility for your family and friends’ safety while in or around your pool. If you are having a new swimming pool installed and are considering surrounding it with a textured or stamped concrete pool deck, contact the experts at Gruttadaurio Masonry. If you already have a concrete pool deck that's in need of some TLC, consider using a concrete resurfacing method installed by the skilled masons at CONCRETE DOC+, a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry. Call our offices at (315) 310-7193 to set up an appointment or CONTACT US through our contact form.


Pool Safety Tips from Gruttadaurio Masonry (Printable)
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For even MORE swimming pool safety tips from the CDC, go to:

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06 dec. 2023

A big thank you for sharing these pool safety insights. The suggestion to keep rescue equipment nearby is a simple yet brilliant idea. Pool Deck Restoration company is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure the safety of pool users.

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