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The New Vacation Destination (Part 2)

Updated: May 28

In-ground swimming pool with concrete pool deck and pool floats in the water.

Part 2 - Backyard Vacation Destination

In today's economy, many families are choosing to take any money they were saving for a vacation and invest in transforming their backyards into their own little slice of paradise – making permanent home improvements to their outdoor living areas, which is what our Vacation Destination - Part 2 is all about. In Part 1 of our two-part article, we offered some fun and simple ways to turn your existing backyard into a great outdoor staycation. In this article, you will see how Rochester, NY, patio and pool deck masonry experts – Gruttadaurio Masonry – have made dreams come true for their customers.

In-ground pool with built-in spa and exposed aggregate concrete pool deck.

At Gruttadaurio Masonry, Rochester, NY, concrete pool deck contractors, you'll receive benefit from their creative ideas and meticulous work. We only use the highest quality materials and execute your cement pool deck project with skill and artistry. Stamped concrete is a great choice for pool decks because:

  • It requires little or no maintenance and is extremely durable 

  • It can be made to look like a variety of natural materials

  • It's more affordable than using the materials that stamped concrete aims to resemble

  • It can be customized to have interesting and natural-looking textures and patterns

  • With various base and accent colors, your pool deck can be made to coordinate with established colors of your home or patio furniture, and accessories

If you are actively looking for a stamped concrete pool deck contractor in Rochester, NY, or surrounding areas, CONTACT US to receive a free estimate.

Add a Backyard Barbecues Cooking Area or an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor masonry kitchen with concrete patio.

A backyard patio that includes a well-built, custom-designed outdoor kitchen will not only be a fabulous addition to your living space, but will also increase the value of your home, offers a place where you can cook and barbecue in the fresh open air, and sets the stage where your friends and family can make even more memories together. You'll need an outdoor kitchen Rochester, NY, masonry contractor like Gruttadaurio Masonry that has the creative talent and expertise to realize your dreams with the quality you deserve.

At Gruttadaurio Masonry, we'll take the time to learn about your personal tastes, your design aesthetics, the functionality you require, and your budgetary guidelines. Our outdoor kitchen designers also take into consideration your existing outdoor space, any hardscape features you'd like to incorporate, and the overall architecture of your home. The end result will be a beautiful outdoor kitchen that will add value to your home and enhance your outdoor living.

Create Custom Concrete Patio Steps and Stairs

Stamped concrete patio and stairs with natural stone boulders.

Multi-level concrete patios are becoming more and more popular and there's no reason to have a boring way to get from one level to another. Having a beautiful entrance to each living area can set the tone for the destination. There are many materials and style options to choose from. We recommend using natural stone patio boulders and/or concrete with stamped textures and patterns for interest. Above you will see that these unique shaped concrete steps and stairs are flanked on each side by natural stone hardscape boulders. Natural stone is a classic choice and stamped concrete can be made to resemble a huge variety of natural materials for a lot less expense. At Gruttadaurio Masonry, we don't skip on design.

Incorporate a Fire Pit Sitting Area with Natural Stone Patio Boulders

Four red patio chairs on a concrete patio surrounded by natural stone boulders.

Our concrete patio masons will build you a custom-designed fire pit and gathering area using a variety of materials such as stamped concrete, natural stone, bricks, rocks, and natural stone boulders to give your outdoor living area a unique gathering place to enjoy cool nights by a crackling fire. Whether you want to add your own fire pit feature or have our skilled masons create a custom fire pit built to your exact specifications, our goal is to realize your vision.

Mixing Fire and Water – The Best of Both Worlds

Patio furniture, a fire pit, an in-ground swimming pool and a stamped concrete pool deck.

A custom masonry fire feature and sitting area adds warmth, comfort, and backyard appeal to your property. Combine this with a in-ground pool or other type of water feature and you have an ideal outdoor living space to spend stay-cations at home where you and your friends may never want to leave. At Gruttadaurio Masonry, we create stunning stamped concrete pool decks, attractive and versatile fire pits, and gathering areas made of materials such as brick, natural stone, concrete, or any combination of these. Cool off during the day, and warm yourself by a cozy fire at night. What could be better?

Choose All-Natural Stone for a Beautifully-Classic Patio

Natural stone and brick patio, steps, sitting walls, and furniture.

There’s something nostalgic about having a natural stone patio and outdoor living area. Natural stone such as bluestone (shown above), travertine, limestone, and flagstone can give your backyard patio an upscale, sophisticated look and feel. There are many colors and texture to choose from and styles can range from classic patterns (using cut squares, rectangles, or geometric shapes) or more natural and organic (using irregular-shaped stones). Natural stone patios will never fade over time and are extremely durable. Of course, our masons are experts in mimicking natural materials with the use of a stamped concrete which is more cost effective if you have a smaller budget.

Install a Stamped Concrete Patio – Our Most Requested Option

Stamped concrete patio with wooden stairs and outdoor patio furniture

Stamped concrete patios are the most popular alternative to pavers and plain concrete. Stamped concrete allows you to create the look of a variety of natural stone, wood planks, and more without the higher cost of natural materials. Our customers also enjoy the many integral base colors, the various patterns and textures, and antiquing or accent colors that we use to create a customized look.

The skilled stamped concrete artisans at Gruttadaurio Masonry will create a patio that coordinates with your existing home colors and style in a way that no other materials can. We offer an endless variety of colors and textures to choose from. It's easy and fun to go through our 3-Step Stamped Concrete Design Process.

Patio Walkways that Seamlessly Lead to Your Outdoor Living Space

Winding gray stamped concrete walkway with border and plants.

Versatile Stamped Concrete and Natural Stone Walkways and Pathways

Our masons will artfully craft your walkway, pathway, or sidewalk to mimic natural materials and textures and ensure that they seamlessly blend into your patio, pool deck, and landscaping. When you replace old, worn concrete walkways and sidewalks with stamped concrete or natural stone, the value of your property goes up and so does its visual appeal.


If you haven't had the chance to read, Backyard Vacations - Part 1, click here or tap on the pink flamingo below! This article is loaded with some FUN ideas that just may make you want to staycation at home!

pink flamingo pool float carrying a cocktail in a pool


Whether your backyard vacation finds you splashing in your kiddie pool with your puppy, or lounging in a resort-style concrete patio around a custom-designed fire pit, Gruttadaurio Masonry is here to make your dreams come true. If any of these projects resonate with you and your vision for a backyard oasis, give us a call or CONTACT US. We'll stop by and provide a free estimate so that you and your family can enjoy the time you spend at home special and memorable.

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