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10 Ways to Get Your Concrete Patios Ready for Spring

Updated: May 28

Concrete patio with patio table and chairs, a dog and a front door.

Is Your Concrete Patio Ready for Spring?

It’s spring and it's time to get your pool decks, driveways, walkways, and concrete patios ready for spring. Think of your outdoor patio as another room of your house. Now is the time to do a little spring cleaning. It’s possible that all your existing concrete patio needs is a power washing by a concrete restoration company or a style refresh. Maybe you’re thinking it might be time to replace your small, existing patio and install a fabulous new outdoor living space perfect for summer parties and entertaining. We've got some ideas to share:

1. Clean and Evaluate

Power washer cleaning a stamped concrete patio.

Having a concrete patio in the Rochester, NY, area means clean up from snow and debris is your first order of business. Hose down your concrete patio surface to remove any surface dirt and inspect it to check for any damage that might have developed (especially if we’ve had a particularly cold and icy winter).

If concrete is looking dull, has lost its sheen, or its color has faded, you can have it restored by a concrete restoration specialist in Rochester, NY, like CONCRETE DOC+, to get it ready for springtime gatherings (CONCRETE DOC+ is a division of Gruttadaurio Masonry). If you’ve had your concrete patio or other outdoor concrete areas installed in the last year, a resealing is necessary after one year. After that, sealing your concrete patio is recommended every few years to protect your investment. If your patio slab is worn out and deteriorating, you may want to consider having stamped concrete resurfacing installed. There are many more options you can consider and the pros at CONCRETE DOC+ can offer new ideas and solutions to make your patio party-ready.

3. Refresh Your Concrete with an Accent Color Stain

Enhance the beauty and charm of your existing stamped concrete patio by applying an accent color stain on the surface. Stains infuse with the concrete surface, producing deep shades that elevate the overall appeal of your patio. There are numerous stamped concrete accent colors to choose from and would best be done by a concrete restoration specialist. These professionals know the pre- and post-staining steps to take to achieve the best aesthetics and give your patio lasting beauty. 

4. Trim and Weed Flower Beds and Landscaping

To get your flower beds and landscaped greenery looking beautiful, trim dead or overgrown stems on plants and bushes, pull weeds, and add or replace overly weathered mulch.

5. Add Greenery, Plants, and Flowers

Using plants will add color and interest to your outdoor living space and it more inviting. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Create small groupings of small and medium sized plants in pots on tables scattered around your living space to add color and interest.

  • Add large potting plants at ground level to make a design statement, to define a dining or entertaining area, or to add privacy from your neighbors.

  • Adding annual or perennial flowers and plants to your existing in-ground landscaping will liven up your outdoor living space and add an atmosphere of beauty and natural energy for all to enjoy.

patio with dining furniture on a stamped concrete patio with garden flowers

6. Consider Adding New Patio Features

You can also enhance your outdoor living space by adding a new gathering and conversation area for socializing–like a fire pit area. Who doesn’t enjoy gathering around a open fire outdoors at night? You also may want to consider masonry fencing with decorative pillars.

Don't forget about the newest trend in landscaping design—natural stone patio boulders. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be guillotine-cut for easy stacking to be used as sitting walls or retaining walls. They can be used in a number of different areas. You can always view boulder hardscape photos on the Internet and get ideas for where you'd like to place them. Adding weather-proof cushions for comfort is always a good decision as well.

natural stone boulders next to a concrete patio

7. Furniture Refresh

patio furniture

Now that your patio is cleaned and refreshed, it’s time to pull out your outdoor furniture from storage like tables and chairs, and clean or repair them, if necessary. Add or replace worn out

cushions and add new seating for entertaining. Hammocks, swings, and loungers are great for relaxing or reading outside.

8. Create an Outdoor Grilling Zone

Consider adding an outdoor kitchen for grilling and entertaining. Not only will make your outdoor living space more enjoyable by cooking outside, but it will eliminate the hassle of having to schlep food outside from your indoor kitchen when entertaining. If adding a large outdoor kitchen isn’t in your budget, consider having a masonry grill built into the deck instead of relying on a portable version. Gruttadaurio Masonry can create either a modest grilling zone or one that will have your guests join in and help you grill.

Stone masonry outdoor kitchen on top of a concrete patio

9. Patio Dining Options

For larger patios, an entire area can be defined and dedicated for outdoor dining. The vibe can either elegant and grand or casual and family oriented. For more casual dining and when larger gatherings are the norm, one or two picnic tables or a large dining table may be the answer. If small romantic dining is more your style, a small but elegant café table surrounded by plants and soft lighting will set the mood.

10. Light Up Your Night

You can still enjoy your patio and keep the party going after sundown. The right lighting can really set the mood you want in your outdoor oasis. String lights are popular and easy to set up. You can also add lanterns for soft lighting or torches when you want a party vibe. Consider installing subtle lighting on the tops of railings, around the perimeter of the patio, on steps, and in your landscaping. From a practical standpoint, a lighted patio or deck will allow the cook to see what he or she is creating, and prevent guests from tripping in the dark.

patio lit up at night

Call on the Experts

Now is the perfect time to contact us to update your concrete patio by adding new features or to restore worn out existing concrete areas. Gruttadaurio Masonry, serving the Greater Rochester, NY, area, can design and install whatever you’re envisioning for your concrete patio or outdoor living space with meticulous attention to detail and old-world artistry. Why not set up an appointment so that we can make a house call evaluate your concrete? We take the time to listen to your vision for your patio or outdoor living space, and offer solutions that will give you your desired results.

Call 315-310-7193 today.

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